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About Us

Yan Venter remains focused on bringing the body of Christ into a renewed and refreshed relationship with our Lord Jesus.It is our desire to help pave the way through our evangelistic crusades, our internet fellowship, and our school of ministry, into discovering your destiny in the kingdom of God.

Dr. Venter has been in full-time ministry since 1972. In 1985 he and his family immigrated to the USA and moved from being a successful pastor to ministering as an itinerant Evangelist.
He is a “born and raised” South African with a wife and three children.
He maintains a weekly schedule of revival/evangelistic services and crusades that have brought renewal and revived passion for Christ to thousands of churches and ministries in the USA as well as all over the world. He is a genuine evangelist of biblical definition.His strong desire to build the Kingdom of God is his motivation to raise up and equip “an army” of Christian workers in the four corners of the world.

Yan Venter served on the Special Forces in the military, fighting as an Anti-Terrorist fighter in Southern Africa.  His training and upbringing left him with an undeniable moral compass.

He served side by side with the late R.W. Shambach.

Finally, he has an incredible, supernatural testimony, when God raised him from the dead after falling from a four-story building.  His testimony, of how God helped him overcome a total of 42 broken bones,  served to encourage thousands of people in healing crusades around the world.

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