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Since i was about 9 yrs old i have struggled with pornography and lust, the night You asked if anyone had anything in their life that they wanted to be gone, i came to the Alter and You prayed for me. I got delivered right then and there.

Mark Meyers
I thank God for His healing touch which I received from you through prayer. As you know, I could hardly get along any more from a hip-problem which almost totally immobilized my hip,back,and left side of my neck..  I was not only living in total pain, but became almost hopeless. A short time  prior to your visit to our church, I found the Lord Jesus as my personal Savior which totally changed my life and now I have received my total healing through you!! “Thank you Jesus!”

I thank God for you and that you took the time to come to Tinicum, PA
I have a praise report and a request.
My praise report is that thru your hands God healed me from Fibromyalgia. I had been suffering for about 7 years after Chemo-therapy from Breast Cancer.Thank you so very much for coming to our church.
My request is that you would pray for a man named Mike that I invited the lasat night to ask for healing for liver cancer. He came to you and rather than asking for himself he asked for his sister to be prayed for. Can you pray for Mike about his liver.

Thank you and God Bless you

Pat Stringfellow January 19

About a year ago, you prayed for my hands to be healed of a rash. God told you to tell me not to look at my hands and believe. I followed what God told me except once or twice. When I did, I would thank him. But, in my heart, I held onto alittle doubt. I finally admitted to God my doubt and gave my hands to him to use as he wished 6 months ago. 3 months ago, I noticed that my hands weren’t hurting. I looked down at my hands, and they were baby soft. No blisters or itching or redness. They have been like that for 3 months. I give God the glory!

Tiffany Carpenter June 22 at 9:48pm Report

Hi. I just wanted to say thank you for being such a faithful man of God. I prayed for healing of my seizures and headaches at my church River of Life during our revival an I am completely healed. I have had seizures for 4 years n taken diff meds n they didn’t work. After that service I went home a flushed my all my meds. Now it’s  been 2 months n I haven’t had any seizures, headaches, or meds. It’s so awesome. Thx

Tina Whitby June 12 at 3:13pm Report

Hello Yan.

I am so pleased to have met you and the McGregor Brothers. You spoke a Word to me from God that “Yesterday was Yesterday” and that was something that I needed to hear. I had been struggling with people bringing up my past to me and it was bothering me real bad.

I was baptised with the evidence of speaking in tongues while you were at Victory. I had experienced the Fire many times but not the tongues. I had been waiting on that receive for 10+ years.  Praise God, my life is totally changed!!

Paula Peace Hyatt June 9 at 6:53pm Report

From Paula Hyatt– I wrote this on Sunday, June 5, 2011 to share briefly of what God has done in my life. I have sent this testimony to be displayed on K-Love, the radio stations website. Each time you have been at River of Life Ministries in Paris, Ky, you have shared your testimony of you giving up pain medicine. Each time, I wanted to talk to you about my addiction, but the time was just not there to speak to you.

I was raised in a Pentecostal Pastors home. I went to church faithfully, saved at 5, filled with the Holy Spirit as a teenager! But since 2002, I have had 10-12 surgeries , diagnosed with fibromyalgia, migraines, arthritis & depression. Through all of these problems, I allowed myself to listen to doctors & took their pain medicine. After awhile I was addicted and tried multiple times to come off of them.

Today  I am totally free, I have NO pain in my body! But the biggest miracle is, God renewed my faith in Him, restored my husband & healed our marriage, delivered my family, gave me a new calling & MUCH more!  Thank you Yan, for your testimony!



I hope that 2011 is treating you well! The reason I am emailing you is to say THANK YOU!! Last May, Juan (our son who has Cystic Fibrosis) was really sick and the doctors had said that they were going to have to stop cycling antibiotics. When you all announced that Dr Yan Venter was coming, we knew it was a sign, had to take Juan! Dr Venter prayed for Juan that night. I asked Juan how he felt, his response was “Healed!” I cried… we all cried! Since May Juan has gained 17 pounds! Were as before, it took him a year to gain a half pound. Last week Juan had an appt with his Pulmonologist, where his PFTs (lung function test) shown that Juan had normal lung function!!! Were as before he had average 60% lung function. The doctor wanted to know what we have been doing differently. I told her that I have cut him down on all his meds and we all have been PRAYING for him! She then said “She is shocked at his weight gain and even more so at his test results! You don’t under stand the magnitude of this test result….It is like he has healthy lungs with no scaring! And just keep all the hard work up!” I know that God is working his miracles on Juan and he reminds us of God’s mighty power everyday!

I want to tell you all Thank You from the bottom of our hearts!! Words cannot express how appreciative we are for Juan’s health. Thank you for your prayers, for bringing Dr Venter to Clovis and most of all bringing belief back into our family!


Brother Venter,

You came to Windham Assembly of God in November 08 and you spoke a word over my husband and I.
You told us we would not be another (Divorce) statistic and we were like Jehoshaphat and we were going to find out what we are made of.
Well, my husband’s life was completely turned around since then. He is now baptized and serving God in a fully committed way. Praise God and thank you!

Linda Gregoire


Christopher W. Garretson July 27 at 3:36pm Report
It was great spending part of our week with you! I wanted to share a quick testimony with you – we had been praying for our pregnant friend Rachel. Dr’s ran tests on her unborn child, and CONFIRMED the little girl had down syndrome. We prayed. Now the Dr’s ran test after test after test – NO downs at all! They told her the first test must have been a fluke, but we say GOD IS AWESOME!!!!!