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August 11, 2019 My name is Crystal.  I have been praying a lot over a long period for God to move in me and to just feel His Spirit, stronger and in a new way.  However, it felt to me as if my prayers were not reaching anywhere.  It felt as if they were just falling flat on the floor.  I had a problem in my shoulder, it just started giving me issues about a week ago.  It was like a torn ligament or something wrong with the rotator cuff.  I asked God to please heal it and take that pain from me, if he heard me.  This morning when I came in and as we were praying Greg came to me and laid his hands on my back and said, “God said that the pain is healed, that it’s gone.”  I thank God for His gifts in operation through His servant.  My pain is gone, and God healed me.