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INCURABLE DISEASE: A man of about 40 years of age came up to the altar call and advised he had some sort of an incurable disease.  I did not hear exactly what it was.  He was skinny as a rail and looked sickly.  He confessed that he was afraid he was going to die.  He had some sort of infection that affected his ability to eat and process food.  The outward manifestation of the disease was some sort of burning/extreme discomfort through the chest and abdomen area AND he could not eat ANY food.  Whatever food he would eat would be immediately rejected and regurgitated/vomited back up.

Immediately after prayer the burning/discomfort was gone.  He was instructed to eat some food, which the church supplied, and come back up the alter after about 20 to 30 minutes.  He ate and came back to the alter as instructed.  He came back proclaiming, “God has healed me, I can eat food again!”  He was able to eat without his body rejecting what he ate.  We truly serve a POWERFUL GOD!

Pastor Greg Sherlock