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9 year old boy miraculously healed in Revolution Church, OH

9 YEAR OLD BOY:    Malachi was born with hip dysplasia.  As a result, one leg was shorter than the other.  Malachi had undergone the excruciating process of surgery followed by the attachment of a fixation device, commonly referred to as an external leg fixator, to extend the length of a leg that was shorter than the other.  After the device was removed Malachi’s leg was still shorter than the other, by more than one and a half inches (1 ½”).  At the altar call, Malachi was prayed for and Jesus extended the leg to match the length of his other leg in the matter of a few seconds!  A true and undeniable miracle! Glory be to the Kingdom of God!

  • Update:  Malachi’s grandparents just told us last night (July 14, 2019) that Malachi is doing fine and he is now playing baseball.  In fact, he scored the winning point that moved his team into the playoffs!  We serve an awesome God!


SIDE NOTE:  In the last year I have seen approximately a dozen different legs grown out at the Alter call.  As a matter of fact, I have never seen a time when this was prayed for that it did not instantly happen!

Offered by Pastor Greg Sherlock.