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For about nine months to a year time frame my ears would “close up.” I would feel like I was under water or my ears needed to “pop.” This made me very dizzy. Twice I go so dizzy that if I moved I would throw up. The rest of the time my ears never felt “right.” Always felt like I was under water. I was very off balance and sometimes dizzy. When the wind blew I couldn’t go outside because my ears would close up and feel like they needed to “pop.”

In 2016 Bro. Yan came to our church (Crosspointe in Silver City, NM) and he prayed for my ears. He commanded a deaf and dumb spirit off me. I did not feel different right away, but over a short period of time my ears became better and better.

During this time I went to an ear specialist to have my ears checked and they could find NOTHING wrong with my ears. I continued to get better and now they are healed and functioning normally with no dizziness or off balance feeling from my ears.

Dolores (Coleman)

Silver City, NM