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I grew up in a home with fourteen children!  My favorite time of day was dinner, because my parents, brothers and sisters and I sat at the table and laughed together.  We would linger over dinner long after the meal was gone, talking and teasing each other with great affection.  I especially liked it when I could be the one to make them laugh.

Now we know that laughter doesn’t just make life fun, it keeps us healthy, releases endorphins and it can even cure diseases!  Now  that’s worth having a laugh until your cheeks hurt.

Dr. Rose Marie Robertson, a Vanderbilt University cardiologist said a study of 300 people, half of whom had histories of heart problems, used questionnaires to gauge how healthy people and those with heart disease differed in their responses to situation where humor was expected. The people with heart disease were much less likely to even recognize humor.  They also laughed less even in positive situation and generally displayed more anger and hostility than people with healthy hearts.  (Lesson: If you’re uptight – loosen up! Not only will you get more party invitations, you’ll live a long time and enjoy going!)

The problem in our nation is the fast disappearing of fellowship around the dinner table and the results are disastrous.  Families are falling apart because stress and simple issues are tearing them apart.

Set your table once again and invite the family for a fun time once a day!