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Stress is killing our nation.  Truckloads of Anti Depressants are delivered to pharmacies around us to help people ease the load of imaginary problems.  Why not “Wait to worry.”

A great preacher once pointed out, “People seldom, if ever, are destroyed by what happens on one particular day.  What really does us in is our worry about what might happen tomorrow… And when we think of it, no crisis has ever happened in the future.”

Abraham Lincoln understood what it meant to wait to worry.  On the way to his inauguration, Lincoln stopped in New York City, where he spoke with journalist Horace Greeley.  Greeley asked Lincoln the question that was on everyone’s mind.   “Will the nation be plunged into a civil war?” Lincoln responded to Greeley’s question with an anecdote about some lawyers from Illinois.  They followed the judge from town to town to argue cases. As they traveled, they had to cross a number of rivers, including many that were swollen.  They particularly worried about the Fox River. In a small town where they had stopped for the night, they met a circuit-riding preacher. He had crossed the Fox River many times, so they asked him about it. “ I have one rule that helps me cross the Fox River,” he said,.  “I don’t cross the Fox River until I get there.”

ARE YOU WORRIED?  Don’t cross the river until you get there.  Take Fred’s advice: WAIT!