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We’ve reached the time in our generation where it literally will take a pioneer’s heart to blaze the trial back to where we’ve lost it.
Our fathers would not recognize the America we’ve become, but Christians have lost the pioneer spirit that birthed the church. (Dutch Sheets)
We’ve built our walls of protection, gotten comfortable, and essentially said, “We want our security, we want someone to take care of and provide for us. The result is nothing less than one big disaster.
JOHN QUINCY ADAMS once said: “The highest glory of the American Revolution was this: it connected in one indissoluble bond the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity.”
What has happened to those principles?
CNN interviewed a teenage girl recently talking of suing her school system over not sanctioning her lesbian lover as her prom date. They praised her courage and mourned her mistreatment. PRESIDENT OBAMA HONORED HER IN THE WHITE HOUSE.
Friends, It’s going to have to start with each of us. BLAZE THE TRIAL BACK the principles of our faith. We do not judge; we should not judge; we are not expected to judge, but God knows, we have to LEAD! Someone has to lead and be fearless when you do! Do what is right and start doing it right now!
THIS IS OUR LAND AND WE WILL NOT GIVE IT UP WITHOUT A FIGHT FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS. Not a fight with weapons to inflict pain upon others, but a fight to get back to what is right.
Ask God to waken within each of you again, a PIONEER SPIRIT to blaze back to the paths of righteousness.