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The man of God should be a leader.  God expects of you to LEAD.  One of the great problems of our time is that there is a severe lack in Christian leadership.  Not only in churches, but definitely in the homes of believers.  This is where we win or lose the battle.  We have to be able to definitively make our statement like a Joshua of old by saying, “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

Here are NINE ways we should lead:

1. The leader who prioritizes a commitment to his family honors the God whom he serves. 

2. A godly heritage is great gain for the Christian leader. 

3. A leader who shares his leadership with family can receive a tre­mendous blessing. 

4. Christian pastors who partner with their spouses can enjoy ministry opportunities together

5. A Christian leader seeks to mentor his children in the faith. 

6. A leader should be the same person at home that he is with the public

7. The leader should set the example of devotion and prayer in the home

8. Christian leaders should seek to lead their children to faith in Christ. 

9. A leader’s fatherly influence extends beyond his home to those under his leadership.