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Phenomal Healing

Hello Yan: I have wanted to send you this note but time slips by. When you were here I went up for prayer. You did not have any knowledge that I had 4 hernia surgeries – 1st two sugeries were not complicated just normal the third time they decided to put a “mesh” in my stomach.

That was major sugery. On Christmas Eve 2005 that mesh ruptured  and I found out it was a defected. – After that time my colon popped out (size of grapefruit) I needed fast sugery but the state of Maryland wouldn’t touch me – They explained to me that it was a high risk due to the mesh being defective. So, eventually  I went to Cleveland, OH, to a hernia specialist 2007 – they could not remove the old mesh because it was wrapped around scar tissue – etc. It sat right at the belly button area – size of a fist – hard. He told Bruce if he even attempted to remove it – I could lose my life. So he just put another 24″ long mesh in my stomach.

So when I went for prayer – nothing was mentioned to you – you just had me put my hand on my stomach (right where that old mesh was). And you prayed. I felt like an “iron” went through by stomach all the way back to the spine.  It wasn’t long after that I realized that”knot” old mesh isn’t there. Either it dissolved, moved, but the complications were gone. Thank you Jesus!

God Bless Charlene