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Zech. 4:1-2(a)  The Messenger-Angel again called me to attention. It was like being wakened out of deep sleep.  He said, “What do you see?”

One of the things Paul mentions to the Corinthian Church, is the fact that the natural man does not understand the things of the spirit of God. In fact, he is unable to understand it.

Furthermore, with our natural perception, we are unable to “see” the things of the Spirit.  We have a tendency as Christians to merely rely on the perception of our natural man.  We tend to LOOK at things we can see.  We pay attention to the VISIBLE.  We stress about what we see and the things which are happening to us, but the problem is:  “WE LOOK IN THE WRONG DIRECTION.”

Paul said that we walk by faith and not by sight.  He teaches us, that the things which are visible are temporal, but the things which are INVISIBLE are eternal!

So often, we pay too much attention to the things which are temporal and allow them to influence our decision making and destiny.  We stress about the “evil reports” that are brought to us as if that is set in stone.

We need to ask God to “wake us up” out of this deep sleep or slumber that circumstances have dumped us into.  The hypnotizing effect which causes us to dance to the tune of our enemy and ask God, “what am I suppose to see?”.

Remember, the things of God are “invisible” and needs revelation knowledge.  Not merely a verse, quoted out of the bible, but to ask God, to let you look past the obvious and to see His plan.  His solution.  His answer!

What do you see?   Which direction are you looking?  Are you looking in the direction of your circumstances, or are you looking in the direction that God wants you to look?

Ask God today, “Lord, help me to lift my eyes up to see you.  Please wake me up out of this slumber and help me to see the things that I have been missing!”