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Terminal Cancer Gone

Bro. Yan prayed for my uncle in March of 2017 who had terminal cancer. As of April of this year he has been given a clean report  and is cancer free. PTL! Deloris & Farren Smith

God Healed My Ears

For about nine months to a year time frame my ears would “close up.” I would feel like I was under water or my ears needed to “pop.” This made me very dizzy. Twice I go so dizzy that if I moved I would throw up. The rest of the time my ears never felt “right.” Always felt like I was under water. I was very off balance and...

2018 Is the year of the Supernatural

This year will prove to be the year of spiritual renewal for senior people. I believe we will see the “ol’ Faithful ones” come alive like never before. We appreciate the Millenials and all they do for the Kingdom, but I believe that the “Joshua’s and Kaleb’s” will step up this year like never before.    

The Naked Prisoner This adventure plays off in the heart of Africa.

The Naked Prisoner  This adventure plays off in the heart of Africa.

            CHECK OUT THIS BOOK. If you’re friends with Yan Venter and do not own this outstanding book, then you need to order this book today. Almost everyone who have read this book say the following two things: 1. They had to read it in one session. 2. It has to become a movie. We are praying that this story will end up...

Released From Hospice

My Mother-in-law was informed that she was in the final stages with cancer. She got so bad that we called in the assistance of “Hospice” to make her remaining days more comfortable. During one of Dr. Venter’s meetings, I joined in the prayer line, standing proxy for our Mother. The Power of God touched me, and when we checked with mom the...